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Created in 2006, DarkClassical is a home and vessel for ongoing work in creating and producing analog and digital media art that crosses and mixes the areas of sight, sound and electronics.   Ongoing projects in the fine arts include, traditional film photography, digital image captures, video editing, audio production and music performance.   My public and private online galleries are listed below:

Black & White Film Photography

Using home-made,  environmentally friendly chemistry for both film development and printing,  I often shoot with cameras that  take medium format 120 roll film, first introduced in 1901.  They create a 6x6 cm square negative.


Digital Image Captures & Creations

Anything from the digital pixel world gets posted here.

Media Production

I have a 24 track digital-analog hybrid control room and studios for music recording, forensic audio, narration, video production and product photos.  Just like with my film photography, I’m drawn to analog… tape recorders and vacuum tubes.



Experimental Sounds

Electronic, acoustic, electro-acoutsic and ambient soundscapes.  This collection is currently private.  


Recording Studio Archives

Artist  links, samples or discography from the late Shotgun Shack Recording Studio (1999-2007) are available upon request.

My work in technology involves electronic design, prototyping and EMF safety training.  Details are shown below:


Technical design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and product development.


EMF Insight

The current RF (radio frequency) exposure standards are outdated and do not consider biological damage.   As a result, I strongly promote a precautionary approach to the use of wireless technology. 


While interested in both electronics and music for most of my life, I have maintained careers in technology and the fine arts.  I've designed and assembled control systems, power supplies, audio signal processors, amplifiers, gas LASERs, RF transceivers and antennas for communications in the VHF, UHF and SHF frequency range.  I have held an Advanced Amateur Radio Certificate (Canada) since the age of 13.  I’m inspired by sustainable energy sources and the people pushing our technology in that direction.

My formal studies in music were at the Juilliard School in New York.  As a classical musician, I’ve performed with the Red Deer Symphony, Calgary Philharmonic, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, National Ballet Orchestra, and the Tenerife Orchestra.

Since my “early retirement” from the bassoon in 2011, I have been re-training to continue my orchestral career on the cello.  


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