I have an Advanced Amateur Radio Certificate (Canada) and was licensed at the age of 13.  Within a few years, I was drawn into the higher frequency bands and more unusual modes of communication.  Activities included fast scan television in the 70cm band, 6m FM, optical communications, satellite, and wide-band FM on 10 GHz.

In 2020, I took over the callsign of my late father, VE3LPR.

Images below: home-brew 10m exciter & PA, 2m FM exciter, the timeless HW-101, TS-440 maintenance, microTX project, 10 GHz narrow-band transverter with a 22dBi horn antenna, me at age 16.


Most recently, I am focused on QRP: narrow band 10 GHz and the digital FT8 mode on 17, 30 and 60 meters.

Since FT8 is intended for weak signal work, my transmitter power does not exceed 25 watts.

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